Free Sites

All you need is a little patience and you can get legit, free electronics for completing a free trial and a set number of referrals who also complete a trial. It's not hard, but it's not easy either. Simply getting people to sign up and not think it's a scam is the tough part. The great thing about this particular company is...they are legit. They have been reviewed by CNN and other major broadcasting companies. You can even google them...TRAINN.ORG and see reviews of their company. I have personally recieved an iPod Touch and a PS3. Free. No shipping costs either. Below are the links to other great items...

What Can I Get?

There are numerous sites with various products that are owned by Transcendent Innovations and you can earn all of the prizes from this site as long as you meet the referral requirements for each one.

iPod Touch For example, I received an iPod Touch (8GB) for 5 referrals! I am now working on a 32 GB for only 6 referrals!

iPad For example, I am working on the 16GB Wifi iPad for only 10 referrals, but you can also work towards a 32GB WiFi iPad for 12 referrals or a $480 Cash Prize for 10 referrals.

 iPhone 4 I am working towards $480 for 10 referrals, but there is also an option of a 16GB iPhone 4 for 8 referrals and a 32GB iPhone4 for 10 referrals. I have US Cellular and am stuck in a contract, so I have no need for the iPhone, but cash always works!

xBox 360 Elite This site has tons of reward options, but I am currently working on the xBox 360 system with choice of 1 game and 2 wireless controllers. It will only “cost” me 8 referrals!

Nintendo Wii OmGosh! Get a Wii for only 5 referrals! This would make a great gift to the youngsters in your life! Sorry, just had to gush at the easiness of this one! It also includes choice of a game!

Desktop Computer There are several packages to choose from ranging from 10 -13 referrals!

ZuneHD My option? A 32GB Zune in RED  Many different options available and this one is only “costing” me 6 referrals!

NetBook You have several options here as well, but I chose the Dell Mini i1012 as my reward and I have to refer 7 people!

HD Flat Screen TVs! I added the exclamation point to this because it is totally drool worthy ... My husband would looooove this! I chose the 42 inch Samsung for 11 referrals. Let’s Go!