CVS for Newbies

CVS trips aren't hard, but they certainly can be confusing to the newbie!  There are a few steps that you can take to guarantee you a less hectic trip.

  • Get a CVS ExtraCare Card.  Simply ask your cashier for an application or sign up online.  I would suggest signing up online so you can receive it in time for your first trip, otherwise you may have to wait until it arrives in the mail to use it.
  • Now, you can start earning ExtraBucks commonly referred to by bloggers as eb.  ExtraBucks are earned through promotions.  You will see this phrase in CVS ads, "Buy (item here), receive (x amount) ExtraBucks".  These promotions are also listed on the shelf underneath an item, but it's easier to browse the ad ahead of time so you are more organized for your trip.  These ExtraBucks print at the end of your receipt after your purchase the items.  You don't need to buy all the required amount of the product in one single shopping trip, but you do need to buy the required amount during the sales week.  You can use ExtraBucks on most anything in the store but it does exlude alcohol, prescriptions, and tobacco products. 
  • Remember, ExtraBucks expire 4 weeks from the time they are issued and you should treat them as cash!
  • Now you're ready to use your ExtraBucks!

How to Use Your ExtraBucks & Coupons at CVS
  • You can use Manufacturer's Coupons (like you would clip from the paper), Internet Printable Manufacturer's Coupons (like you would print from the internet), CVS Coupons (sometimes they are mailed.  You can also print them from emails or the machine in CVS)
  • You have to use the same CVS card that the coupon was issued for.  This also applies to ExtraCare bucks.
  • You can use one Manufacturer coupon (either internet or paper) and one CVS issued coupon for each item.  Bloggers often call this "stacking".
  • You can use your ExtraCare bucks to pay for the items that you used coupons on.  It is like cash you can only use at CVS.
Now, the only question is...Are you ready to save??