About Jackie

I am a lot of things. A mom, a daughter, a sister, a wife, a taxi driver, a maid of sorts, a sort order cook, and a frugalista...which is the pretty term for being frugal. ;) I work out of the home 40 hours a week, but I also take my two youngest children (ages 9 months and 21 months) with me to my job. Sure, it's hectic, but I save on child care and get to have them with me during the day! I also sell Avon! This in itself saves me a ton on health and beauty items and makes extra income for our household as well.

I have four wonderful children. MaKenna is my oldest and she's 11. Although she is technically my step-daughter, I couldn't love her anymore even if she were mine biologically. My son Christian is 7 and he's my "wild-child". There's practically nothing he is afraid to try (other than new foods of course...he's my picky eater!) Gavin is my 21 month old. He was born to "ball". Ever since he was able, Gavin has had a ball in his hand and loves everything sports related...typical guy! And Ava is my 9 month old and she is already a true girly-girl! She loves dolls, hugs, kisses, having her hair done (really) and sometimes I even find myself calling her "Missy Prissy".

I live in Virginia, a truly beautiful state that I couldn't imagine not living in. We have the best of all worlds. Hot summers, cold winters, and gorgeous springs and falls. Top that off with mountains and hills and you can see why Virginia is for Lovers ;) It is romantic.

In the spring and summer I am able to eat off the land. My parents live on a farm with an abundant garden. This helps me to cut our produce bill almost entirely. We also have fresh eggs. I love being frugal. I just hope I can help others to be frugal as well!

If you want to know more, shoot me an email. I love getting emails and can't wait to hear from you!