Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Is Christmas REALLY just around the corner????

Yes, I have been a bad blogger.  I'll be the very first to admit it.  Life snuck up on me.  I started a new business to go along with my other two and I just slacked off.  I have still been picking up freebies along the way, I just haven't posted.  I'm sorry and I do apologize!  However, now that the apologies have been said...WE'VE GOT A LOT OF WORK TO DO!

Christmas is nearly two short months away! 

So let's get to it!  Have you signed up for SAVE MORE yet?  If not head over today and you will get a free $10 credit.  You can use this on ANYTHING, even an item under $10!  And refer your friends too!  For each that signs up and makes a purchase, you'll get another $10 credit!
I love this!  My absolute fave...Can I gift it to myself??  SAVE MORE

I just scored a $30 voucher for only $7 to Accessories Direct!  If you don't know about this site, they have trendy, cute sterling silver bracelets on the cheap!  (Cheap aka FREE)  You don't want to miss it so hurry up!  This deal definitely won't last long!

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