Monday, March 21, 2011

Our First Real FREEBIE of the Year!

Yes!  You heard me correctly!  I have a GREAT freebie opportunity for our Zero Dollar Christmas this year!  FINALLY!  It seems as though I have been waiting all year for this opportunity :)

Rue-La-La is offering $1, up to $100, for every friend you refer to Rue-La-La who joins and subscribes to their newsletter!  Wow!  You still get the normal $10 credit for their first purchase as well!  You DO NOT want to miss out on this money maker!

Now head over to Rue-La-La and sign up!  This will not last long!

Bummis Wraps on Sale Now!

If you don't Amazon...well, you should!  For all the cloth diapering Mama's, one of Monday's deals is a Bummi Super Whisper Wrap for $9.25 plus free shipping with Amazon Prime (or Amazon Mom!)  So get over there and pick one up before they sell out!
(click on the Jungle print in Size 7-10 pounds)

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Stock up on Essentials and SAVE!

I absolutely despise running out of everyday essentials and it always seems to happen at the most inconvenient in the middle of the night when going to the store is just out of the question, at least for a mom of four!
This has been happening to me A LOT lately (sighs)

I just found out about Amazon's Subscribe and Save program.  It lets me subscribe to get savings on things I use every single day and they will automatically ship them out to me when I need them.  You can set up to have your essentials shipped every month, two months, three months, or six months.  I am currently subscribed to Luvs Diapers (two in diapers!) and a pack of 200 or so (depending on the size of course) is only $21 and some change!  I receive 30% off of a number of baby items because I have also signed up for Amazon Mom which gives you 15% off of baby essentials and combined it with normal Subscribe and Save programs 15% off.  You really can't beat it.  A box of the same number of Luvs diapers costs $35 at  That truly saves me a lot of money over the year!

I also receive dishwashing detergent at a 15% discount as well as Dove Soap Bars and Huggies Baby Wipes.  In this economy can you afford to NOT be saving an additional 15% on things you use and buy anyway?  Head over to Amazon and sign up now!

My break is over!

I'm back!  We have had a bought with sickness with one family member or another for literally the past month.  I think things are finally clearing up for everyone - praise the Lord!  I'm planning on throwing myself into my blog and really finding those good deals so we can all start stocking up for Christmas.  It's hard to believe, but it's only about 9 months away!  I'm sure those of you that pinch pennies already know that in order to have a Zero Dollar Christmas or the lowest cost Christmas possible you really have to start early.  

If you are just now checking into my problem!  Let the savings begin!  Things should start picking up with freebie sites now that we are a bit past the Christmas season.  I don't know about you, but when the weather starts warming up, I get Spring Fever terribly!  That also means I get a bit of a shopping bug!  Not this year though...I am going to keep my shopping urges at bay by scouring the 'net for good ole' freebie deals!

Let's see what we can come up with in this next week.  If you have something to share, comment or shoot me an email.  I'll be happy to share on my blog and of course, give you credit!