Thursday, January 6, 2011

How to Use Coupons Correctly

Clipping mounds of coupons and stuffing them in your purse just doesn't work.  There are a million ways to organize your coupons for easy use.  If you buy the local Sunday paper and intend on using your coupons as sales come up, then grab a binder (the bigger the better, as you accumulate so many coupon inserts you'll be glad to have lots of space), a hole punch, a sharpie or other marker that is easy to notice, and anything else crucial to your organization tactic.  You may also want to include a zippered pouch that can go into a three ring binder for loose coupons you may come across.  Trust me, storing this inserts in drawers does NOT work.  I have been there and done that.

There are a million and one sites that tell you what's on sale in each store and what coupon to use.  Sometimes there are coupons you can print off of the internet and some are manufacturer's coupons which you would normally find in the coupon inserts in your local Sunday paper.  There are also coupons from magazines like All You and Parenting, etc.  

The best thing to do is to bookmark your favorite site for your local store and check it weekly.  If you haven't started collecting coupons, be on the look out for things you use!  If you aren't brand loyal and want to plan your meals based on what's on sale for a particular week, it might be a good idea to start subscribing to your local Sunday paper.  Also, start emailing your favorite companies with a compliment on some of their products and I bet they will send you some great coupons for your appreciation!

I have, in the past, kept a Microsoft Excel worksheet with each coupon I had.  It was handy when I sat down to make my meal plan because I knew exactly what my "coupon inventory" was, but lately with the house disaster, I have not had time to update it so....well, you know how that goes!

Some sites I frequent are:

  • : Here you will find a breakdown of what's on sale each week at CVS and what you can get for FREE.  <3 it!
  • :  She actually links to the different grocery stores for weekly deals but it's the easiest place for me to find everything!
  • :  This is for WalGreens but I rarely make the 20 minute drive as we don't have one in my town.
  • : HeeHee.  Well, that's because it's my blog!  :)~ Silly!

I plan to write in more detail and post pics of my coupon organizing (non) skills but, I have a sick 1 year old with a double ear infection and my time online will be quite limited today.  I apologize for this, but he has been running a temperature of 104 and if I don't maintain his Motrin/Tylenol schedule fully, his temp shoots back through the roof.  Quite scary for an already frazzled mom!  All the best to my readers today!  I hope I have enlightened you in some way shape or form and thanks SO much for reading!  I had double the readers yesterday than I have ever had before.  I <3 you guys!

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