Sunday, January 2, 2011

Always Wanted A Dyson?

This was posted on the Thrifty board that I frequent,, which is full of knowlegeable, thrifty ladies!

"People across the country are reporting their B&M Target stores have this model on clearance for $224.50. My local store at 5 on the shelf. You really have to look for the tag because it is very small and is NOT an obvious clearance item."  (Thanks to Bean3 ;) )

It's funny that  my insurance company just shipped me a Dyson All Floors model as a replacement for what we lost in our little catastophe.  Well, here's what came out of the carpet in our nursery, which is one of the least used rooms in the house and no one ever goes in there with shoes on.

THIS is what came out of my "looking fresh & fine", barely walked on, "clean" carpet in my babies' nursery!  WOW.  And just for perspective, this is on a letter size peice of paper.  It's a lot!  And to top it off, I had actually just vacuumed that morning with my Electrolux....Blah!

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