Monday, January 31, 2011

Stock up on Beauty Essentials and Save!

Check out the outlet at Avon !

Only $3.99 in the Avon Outlet!

Again, only $3.99 in the Avon Outlet!

Madame Alexander Dolls only $34.99! 

Just remember to click on the Outlet link on the top navigation bar of the site!

Friday, January 28, 2011

Check It Out!

We've got a new web design!  Isn't it FaBuLoUs??  

Thanks to Melissa Lew Bradford for this lovely new header that I am absolutely in love with!

Check out her website at

She not only makes awesome web designs, her jewelry rocks too!  I cannot wait to get my hands, literally, on one of these cool peices :)

My Personal Fave From Melissa's Collection

Today I am busy moving the remaining things from our recent rental house back into our Forever Home :)  I'm so glad to be back...both home and blogging!  I have a lot of great things in store for all us this upcoming week, so bookmark me, add the feed, whatever you need to do to stay updated!  

Until Then,

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Gap 30% off!

Love Gap?  Me too!  Use code GAPSPRING to get 30% your entire order.  There are some great items for as low as $2!

Only $2.82!

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Hair Ties Anyone?

If you ever find yourself needing to get your hair up and off your neck...while doing your chores, for instance...then you will love this freebie!  Head over to and submit your address.  They will send you a free sample of Cyndi Bands Hair Ties!  I personally can't wait to try my free sample out.  And as always, hurry!  You never know how long this deal will last!

Achoo! Are You Ready For Sniffle Season?

Get a Free Pack of Kleenex just in time for cold and flu season!

Click HERE and hurry before they run out!

Friday, January 14, 2011

Update: UpCycle Your Christmas Cards!

This is a subject I previously posted.

What Do You Do With Your Old Christmas Cards?

If you are like me, and I'm almost ashamed to admit this, but they usually get thrown away!  I can't stand the feel of clutter and Christmas cards just pile up year after year!  I can't stand looking at them stuffed in a drawer.  I save the ones with heartfelt notes in them, usually sent by my Grandmother :), and toss the rest. 

Boy oh boy, do I wish I would have saved them all now!  It occurred to me while trying to think of ways to reduce, reuse, and recycle (RRR as my kids would say!)...."Why not reuse Christmas cards?"  And I don't mean putting paper over the original sender's name and resending next year, although that would save you a bundle too!  ;)  Why not make cute Christmas gifting tags from the cards?  This would also save you money AND fit into your very own Zero Dollar Christmas budget!  I'm sure the original sender could appreciate seeing the cards reused in such a thoughtful, creative way.  

Thursday, January 13, 2011

Free Valspar Sample and $5 Off!

Do you have a small painting project to tackle?  Now is the time to get your Free Valspar Paint Sample and a $5 off coupon!

Click HERE

They are giving away 1000 free samples for 100 days.  Unfortunately all of todays samples have been spoken for, but bookmark this page and check it early tomorrow morning.  Remember, these samples go quick!

Get a $20 Gift Card to Amazon!

Have you signed up for yet?  
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itsThoughtful is a vibrant social shopping community focused on gift shopping. Its a forum for people to share and discover the most popular, creative, thoughtful, unusual, funny, unique (we can add more adjectives but you get the idea) gift ideas in the world.
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itsThoughtful is now having a great promotion where if you refer 15 friends, you get a free $20 Amazon giftcard!  Pair this with your SwagBucks Amazon giftcards and you can have a great ZERO Dollar (OOP) Christmas!  Remember, those who start early see the best results!  Get on this program before everyone else already is!  Let your friends know about the program and get them to sign up under you!


Yes, I have absolutely been MIA lately!  I have had a lot going on and in fact, I think I'm coming down with something.  :(  I am back though, I will be searching the web today for spectacular deals and delivering them to you!  

Now off to search...I'll be back shortly ;)

Monday, January 10, 2011

Free Appetizer at Olive Garden!

I absolutely LOVE Olive Garden.  In fact, my friends and I refer to it so much we have shortened the name to O.G. :)  This coupon caught my eye, because I recently received a $20 gift card to Olive Garden for simply writing them a compliment.  Actually it was a RAVE review and lengthy, but for five minutes of my time and my honest opinion of their restaurant, they compensated me nicely!  So now I can pair my freebie Gift Card with this free appetizer!  I'm loving it!

Get your own coupon HERE

Saturday, January 8, 2011

Need Thrifty Stock Stuffers?

Throughout the year I pick up TONS of free samples of makeup, granola bars, snacks....

My kids ADORE them.  So why not save them up for Stocking Stuffers?  They are the perfect size, the kids already want them, and best of all?  They are absolutely free! 

I recently wrote Red Vines Licorice to compliment them on their licorice and they are sending me over a pound of their great product!  So I will save this to stuff the stockings.  Also, I should have enough left over to make a nice add on to a Movie Night themed gift basket for my neices and nephews!

Here are some more links to Free Samples:

Free BookMark for your BookWorm (include BookMark Request in the subject and your name and address in the body of the email)
Lego Lover? Get a Free 2 yr. Subscription to Lego Jr.
Free Red Dress  Pin (for your Pin collector)

I'll post more as I come across them :)

Have a good Saturday everyone!

Friday, January 7, 2011

$3/1 Glad Force Flex Trash Bags (any size)

Who doesn't need garbage bags?  And these Glad Force Flex bags absolutely are my fave!  Snatch this $3 off any 1 package (any size) of Glad Force Flex Garbage Bags while you can!  They go fast!

CLICK HERE FOR COUPON (Press the back button after printing the first coupon to print another)

Get A Free Tide-To-Go Pen!

Like Tide's Facebook page and then visit on Sunday, January 9 at 8 pm to win one of 5,000 Tide-To-Go Pens!  Make sure you visit promptly at 8 pm because these freebies will most likely be gone in just minutes!  

Thursday, January 6, 2011

Do You Love PhotoBooks?  I do, and that's obvious from my previous posts!  I believe photo books are one of the best gifts you can give, especially to grandparents and parents!  Personally, I feel as though I have already accumulated so much excess "stuff" I don't have room and don't really want or need any additional.  I want something that has a purpose.  Photobooks don't take up a lot of space and they are very functional!  You can leave them out when you have company and rest assured they will be put to use!  People love looking at photographs. 

Right now SeeHere has 40% off photobooks AND FREE S&H with book-33. This makes the mini hard cover reduced to $2.99 shipped!

Head on over to SeeHere to take advantage of this exceptional deal!
Note: SeeHere books range from $4.99 to $59.99. The discount and FREE S&H brings them down to $2.99 to $35.99 shipped.

Hurry! Offer expires 1/12/11.

How to Use Coupons Correctly

Clipping mounds of coupons and stuffing them in your purse just doesn't work.  There are a million ways to organize your coupons for easy use.  If you buy the local Sunday paper and intend on using your coupons as sales come up, then grab a binder (the bigger the better, as you accumulate so many coupon inserts you'll be glad to have lots of space), a hole punch, a sharpie or other marker that is easy to notice, and anything else crucial to your organization tactic.  You may also want to include a zippered pouch that can go into a three ring binder for loose coupons you may come across.  Trust me, storing this inserts in drawers does NOT work.  I have been there and done that.

There are a million and one sites that tell you what's on sale in each store and what coupon to use.  Sometimes there are coupons you can print off of the internet and some are manufacturer's coupons which you would normally find in the coupon inserts in your local Sunday paper.  There are also coupons from magazines like All You and Parenting, etc.  

The best thing to do is to bookmark your favorite site for your local store and check it weekly.  If you haven't started collecting coupons, be on the look out for things you use!  If you aren't brand loyal and want to plan your meals based on what's on sale for a particular week, it might be a good idea to start subscribing to your local Sunday paper.  Also, start emailing your favorite companies with a compliment on some of their products and I bet they will send you some great coupons for your appreciation!

I have, in the past, kept a Microsoft Excel worksheet with each coupon I had.  It was handy when I sat down to make my meal plan because I knew exactly what my "coupon inventory" was, but lately with the house disaster, I have not had time to update it so....well, you know how that goes!

Some sites I frequent are:

  • : Here you will find a breakdown of what's on sale each week at CVS and what you can get for FREE.  <3 it!
  • :  She actually links to the different grocery stores for weekly deals but it's the easiest place for me to find everything!
  • :  This is for WalGreens but I rarely make the 20 minute drive as we don't have one in my town.
  • : HeeHee.  Well, that's because it's my blog!  :)~ Silly!

I plan to write in more detail and post pics of my coupon organizing (non) skills but, I have a sick 1 year old with a double ear infection and my time online will be quite limited today.  I apologize for this, but he has been running a temperature of 104 and if I don't maintain his Motrin/Tylenol schedule fully, his temp shoots back through the roof.  Quite scary for an already frazzled mom!  All the best to my readers today!  I hope I have enlightened you in some way shape or form and thanks SO much for reading!  I had double the readers yesterday than I have ever had before.  I <3 you guys!

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

What Do You Do With Your Christmas Cards?

If you are like me, and I'm almost ashamed to admit this, but they usually get thrown away!  I can't stand the feel of clutter and Christmas cards just pile up year after year!  I can't stand looking at them stuffed in a drawer.  I save the ones with heartfelt notes in them, usually sent by my Grandmother :), and toss the rest. 

Boy oh boy, do I wish I would have saved them all now!  It occurred to me while trying to think of ways to reduce, reuse, and recycle (RRR as my kids would say!)...."Why not reuse Christmas cards?"  And I don't mean putting paper over the original sender's name and resending next year, although that would save you a bundle too!  ;)  Why not make cute Christmas gifting tags from the cards?  This would also save you money AND fit into your very own Zero Dollar Christmas budget!  I'm sure the original sender could appreciate seeing the cards reused in such a thoughtful, creative way.  With that said, I'm off to craft some gift tags and yes, I will most definitely be posting pictures soon!

Clipping Coupons: Is It Really Frugal?

The answer to that isn't so simple.  Yes cutting coupons is frugal.  But sometimes, it isn't!  If you are clipping coupons and buying things that are name-brand when you could buy the generic, store-brand for less, then no, you are not being frugal when using coupons.  If you are clipping coupons and going haywire buying things you don't need or use (yes, I have been guilty of this A LOT in the past), then no, you are not being frugal when using coupons.  

The simple, cut and dry, truth is that, you have to make frugality work for you and your family.  There is no one simple way to be frugal that is "one size fits all".  If you can buy all generic, store-brand items for less than the name brand coupled with a sale and a coupon, shouldn't you?  Pasta, for instance, is one thing that is always the same.  I dont' have to buy a brand name pasta to ensure that I am getting a good taste and quality when the store brand is exactly the same.  Yes, you may prefer certain items in certain brands.  That's okay.  But if you are trying to trim your grocery budget, then you should also be trimming costs on things you always have to buy.

I love to clip coupons, but a lot of the time I don't buy the brands featured in the coupon inserts.  So, it's not worth my time or money to buy those Sunday papers week after week.  If I find a sale on something I really like and use often, I will buy my coupons, often in bulk for that particular item and then rack up on the savings.  I especially do this when Food Lion has their sale on Scott Toilet Paper 12-ct. for $3.99.  I will buy as many coupons as I can and get as many packs for $2.99 as possible!  I can usually stockpile a years worth of TP for under $40!  It's also handy because we don't have to run to the store at the most inconvenient times because we are out of toilet paper.  :)

More to come tomorrow....We'll talk about HOW to use your coupons coupled with a great sale CORRECTLY ;)

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Get $5 free at Jasmere.Com

Every day, jasmere features a unique, upscale product or website (designer jeans, gourmet foods, handmade jewelry and much more) and gives you the chance to buy at up to 70% off. The best part? Throughout the day as more people buy, the price keeps going down. No credit cards are charged until the feature ends, and everyone pays the same low price.

Why wait? Check out today's sale HERE

PS. Pass it on!   Sign up now and get a Free $5 credit to jasmere.  Simply click HERE after you sign up!

Monday, January 3, 2011

Love Thirty One? Don't Miss This Deal!

A sweet friend of mine just gave me a heads up on this awesome Thirty One deal of the month!  Get their Large thermal tote for only $10 + $1.50 if you want it embroidered!  The Small Lunch Tote is only $8 + $1.50 for embroidery!  I cannot believe how incredible these savings are...and guess what?  There is no limit to how many you can buy and you don't have to purchase anything else (unless of course you want to!)

Check out the deal HERE and contact Thirty One consultant Jennifer Moore HERE

She will have these shipped directly to your door!

Dr. Suess Boutique BlowOut - Items as low as $4.99!

Check out ZuLily for some great deals on children's clothing, mommy gear, etc!  There is also a sale going on Dr. Suess onesies, PJ sets, and more with items as low as $4.99!  This is a great deal being that a lot of these items are high dollar (at least to my budget!) in stores.  

At ZuLily now!

$35 for $100 worth of PicaBoo!

As you may have noticed, we are three days into January and the FREE deals aren't exactly abundant.  It's okay!  We still have 362 to go!  BUT there is a great deal on PicaBoo photos!  For only $35 (less than a meal for your entire family at a sit down restuarant) you can get $100 worth of PhotoBooks, Calendars, and Photo Gifts.  I just bought this because I am making my children a PhotoBook full of their baby pictures.  I am actually using it in place of a baby book.  Why?  Because I had two baby books for my first born who is now 7 and after the first few months of his life, I never filled in anything again!

Score this deal HERE

At least with these photo books I can include all his precious firsts with photos!  It will last forever.  I can still add his lock of hair to the book as well as his first tooth.  Any ticket stubs can be easily glued to the pages.  I know it will be a precious gift to him.  Probably not now at 7, but when he's older and has a baby of his own I know he and his family will really cherish it!

So if you are not going for a completely ZERO dollar OOP (out of pocket) expense Christmas, this would still make for a fairly inexpensive gift to someone in your life.  Think of grandmas, grandpas, those who don't really need anything extra sitting around their homes, but would love a years worth of memories from your family...EVERYONE loves pictures!

Sign up here GROUPON and refer your friends for as many $10 credits as you can stand ;)  If you refer enough friends, this will actually work as a freebie to you! 

Out With The Old....

Wow.  We have been back in our home for one whole week now.  It feels GREAT to be home, but as I am unpacking all our various junk, I can't help but wonder WHY we have so many items and WHY it's so hard to let it go?  I have donated a lot of items like baby clothing and bottles, clothing that no longer fits or I don't care for anymore.  I even went through my husband's closet and snuck out a few select items ;)  However there are things that I know would sell well on eBay.  So my idea?  Sell them to make a little extra money for next Christmas!  Why not start early?  Isn't that what this entire blog is about??
Freehand Mei Tai Carrier, except mine is black & white and called Amelia.

I have a great Freehand Mei Tai Infant Carrier that I just don't use.  I'm not going to donate this, at least not yet.  I spent $72 on it and I really think I could get at least $40 from re-selling it.  Plus, any amount I can put towards my Christmas funds helps.  I also have a $50 iTunes giftcard that my husband got me that I have no intention of using.  So eBay it is!  I have also considered trades, but I haven't come up with anything I just have to have.

Maybe now is the time for you to start decluttering your belongings too and re-selling for your Zero Dollar Christmas.  And wouldn't it feel great to be more organized for the New Year too?

Sunday, January 2, 2011

Did You Do Any Returns After Christmas?

I did return duplicate items we received this Christmas.  Most were duplicate toys and we simply do not have room to accomodate them.  Well, we could if I wanted to have a very cluttered home.  So for my sanity's sake, I returned the items to Wal-Mart.  I got a credit of $60 some odd dollars.  SO, I am putting that gift card away for next Christmas.  I always give my two oldest nephews Wal-Mart giftcards and this will make it $0 OOP (out of pocket) for me next year.  I also received a $25 gift card to Wal-Mart as a gift.  Since I am not going to do a lot of shopping this year as I am actually trying to declutter and organize our home, I also plan to use this towards gifts. 

The Visa giftcards I received as gifts are NOT going towards my ZDC (Zero Dollar Christmas) because I can actually use these anywhere and I have a feeling they are going to be purchasing my next set of contacts. :)

Just wanted to drop in and remind you of how useful those store credits can be at the end of the year!  Do YOU have items you can return for store credit?

New Year, New Budget?

If you are all about budgeting this year and sticking to it I found a great site that is easy to use!  It's and if you sign up before January 20, 2011 it will only be $3 a month!  Right now you can get a free 30 day trial.  It's not so much like Quicken, because I can download my bank data to my Quicken profile and it's very accurate.  If you use the envelope system or cash a lot, I think PearBudget would be extremely beneficial for you as you enter in your pay, your expenses and your receipts manaually.  It gives a simple breakdown of where your money is going!  For a free 30 day trial why not head over and set up your budget!

Always Wanted A Dyson?

This was posted on the Thrifty board that I frequent,, which is full of knowlegeable, thrifty ladies!

"People across the country are reporting their B&M Target stores have this model on clearance for $224.50. My local store at 5 on the shelf. You really have to look for the tag because it is very small and is NOT an obvious clearance item."  (Thanks to Bean3 ;) )

It's funny that  my insurance company just shipped me a Dyson All Floors model as a replacement for what we lost in our little catastophe.  Well, here's what came out of the carpet in our nursery, which is one of the least used rooms in the house and no one ever goes in there with shoes on.

THIS is what came out of my "looking fresh & fine", barely walked on, "clean" carpet in my babies' nursery!  WOW.  And just for perspective, this is on a letter size peice of paper.  It's a lot!  And to top it off, I had actually just vacuumed that morning with my Electrolux....Blah!

Saturday, January 1, 2011

99 Prints for $.99 !

Today’s Merry Deal Reveal is 99 prints for $.99! Head over to Snapfish and use code 2011PENNY at checkout. This price only applies to prints ordered from Snapfish delievered by mail, not in store pick-up.

This deal expires on January 9th, so you can wait until after New Year’s and print those memories too!

Now, I am not planning on using this as a gift, but I do plan on printing out 99 of my previously never printed photos.  So that will take care of 99 of say...a million LOL but at least it's a start!  Keep looking for these deals and get your photos printed for minimum dollars out of your pocket!