Monday, December 20, 2010 Ultimate "Freebie"...and this one's for YOU!

Ever heard of pilot testers?  What that means is a company will send you their product for you to test out before they actually put it on the market for sale.  In return for the free product, you have to report back to them on how you like it and any issues you might have with it.  Google is coming out with a notebook.  It looks pretty awesome in my opinion! 

Sign up to apply to be a pilot tester HERE

Learn more about the Google Chrome HERE

I applied.  If I get one to try out I would be estatic...I wanted to share this with my readers as well.  What could it hurt?  Hopefully at least one of us will be accepted into the program :)  And I'm afraid if I am internet addiction with thrive even more :)

'Til Next Time...

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