Tuesday, December 14, 2010

New Challenge Starting January 1, 2011

So who's with me? 
NEXT CHRISTMAS I plan to have ZERO out of pocket expenses!  That's right...ZERO.  I mean ZERO including wrapping paper. 

How do I plan to do this? 
Well, with a lot of planning ahead, that's how!

First, I'm saving every single last one of my swagbucks for AMAZON Gift Cards only to be used for Christmas 2011.

Second, I'm making a master Christmas list wayyyyyyy ahead of schedule.  In fact I may work on that tonight and post a link later this week.

Third, I am going to continue to recruit referrals to my FREE electronic sites.  (More on this later as it deserves a completely different post dedicated entirely to the subject)

Fourth, FREECYCLE and the FREE category on Craigslist.  You'd be surprised what you can get for FREE!

Well, wish me luck.  I'm sure some of you are 80% skeptical of my plans and the other 20% simply thinks it's impossible.  BUT I will do it...and if you want to challenge yourself, post a comment and join me!

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