Thursday, December 16, 2010

My First Step to my ZERO Dollar Christmas...

Well, obviously I will need a list!  EVERY good plan starts off with a list :)

Of course, I will also do this in Microsoft Excel format so I can keep it somewhat private.  No one ever checks my documents on my computer.  ;0)

It looks like this:

My Zero Dollar Christmas "Shopping" List

Gift Recipient |  Gift    | Amount | Where Bought        | Funds Used

Recipient 1    | iPad    | $FREE |  | Referrals

Recipient 2   | Kindle  | $140    |          | Swagbuck Amazon Gift Cards

Of course the above chart is simply a very rough draft.  I plan to link to my Excel worksheet and you can use it to.  It will be formatted and a lot more functional than the above.

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