Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Let Me Clarify....

Okay, last night when I wrote my post about my ZERO Christmas 2011, I was in a bit of a hurry.  I still plan on spending absolutely ZERO on Christmas next year.  What I didn't mention is that we are going to have an AWESOME Christmas.  I still plan on getting all of our normal high end electronics.  I still plan on getting the cutesy stuff I normally get.  :) 

I know, I are asking HOW???  No, I'm not going to go beg electronics off of people or ask for donations.  Nothing like that!  We aren't well off, but we aren't dirt poor either.  I'd never accept charity when I don't really need it.  There are sites that actually give you free electronics.  They are legit, at least the ones that I deal with.  There are some that aren't, but I'd never post a bogus site.  It's not worth my time and not worth my readers! 

I have gotten an iPod Touch for free.  I have gotten a PS3 system for free.  All I had to do was sign up for two trial offers (at the time I did for the PS3 and a credit monitoring company for the Touch)  I also had to refer people to the site and have them sign up for their free trials.  ONLY if they signed up for a trial did they count as a referral.  It wasn't easy peezy.  That's for sure!  But for free electronics that would cost me well over $300 each, I'm definitely not afraid of a little referral work!

Here is a link to my online document (completely virus free, by the way) about how to earn these big ticket items for a set amount of referrals and a free trial offer.  Start now, you can earn them all!

My Online Document on How to Earn Free Electronics didn't work like I wanted to.  If you want the document shoot me an email and I will send it right over.  I will get this issue fixed by the end of today :)

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