Sunday, December 19, 2010

Just a Heads Up...

Okay, I am going to be beyond busy this upcoming week.  For those who don't know, last September we had a tree fall and crush our roof.  It's been difficult to say the least. 

Our backyard.  And this is only HALF of the tree....

My son's room, which the ceiling was completely collapsed.  Thank GOD he was being hard-headed and NOT cleaning his room like I had asked him to!

We had to live out of a hotel (with 4 children, 2 under 2, mind you) for a WEEK.  Now we have been living in a rental house.  I HATE it.  It's way to small for our family, but that's not the part that really gets to me...It has city water which means chlorinated...which means my Psoriasis is worse than it has ever been!  I am in skin literally burns when I shower and is sooooo painful.

Well, we are moving back into our HOME this week!  I couldn't be more estatic.  But in order to move back in I have to work like mad to get the house in order...and painted!  I carry my children along with me so it's more of a chore than it sounds like.  Luckily I have a lot of help from my mom.  She loves to paint, something I am not so gifted at.  :)

If you are following My Zero Dollar Christmas and ready to get started for your own ZDC...Why don't you start by writing fan mail to your favorite companies?  I have gotten loads of free coupons by doing this.  I have also written to complain about quality of things and they have also sent freebie coupons.  My complaints are legit though.  I have gotten freebies from Huggies, Pampers, Luv's...think Babyshower gifts :)  OR if you use disposable diapers this could save you some money. 

I have also gotten freebies from Kotex, Playtex, Hunts (ketchup), Yoplait and so many more for raving about a specific product.  Another good one to write is Red Vines Licorice.  They will send you pounds of free licorice.  This would make a great add on to a Movie Night In themed gift basket!  Just find a freebie movie, popcorn, add candy and licorice and you've got a great, thoughtful, inexpensive gift basket!

Til Later...Jackie

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