Monday, December 27, 2010

Freebies for Your Gratitude!

Remember how I was telling you that if you write companies and express your fondness (or dislike) of a product or their company in general, they will send you free coupons?  WELL, I wrote three last week and so far I have received the following:
  | Company  |   Product  |  Rave or Rant       |  Freebies Received

1| Huggies   |  Diapers         |  Rant about Tabs  |  FREE pack of diapers (up to $13)
2| Pampers  |  Diapers         | Rant about Rash   |  Two $10 off coupons, 3 $1 off any
3| Kotex      | U Pantiliners  |  Rave                    | Three $1 off coupons

When writing in you should be honest.  I was honest about the rants and the rave.  I will probably gift packs of diapers for Christmas gifts for next year.  The expiration date is March 11, 2011 so I will have to buy them in advance! 

So, get writing!  Your honesty does pay off :)  Who doesn't love freebies????

I'm off to write more great companies!

Oh, and by the way...I also received my Babies R Us mailer today...they have a Buy any 3 and get a $15 BRU giftcard.  The items included are:
  • Huggies value boxes of diapers (100 ct. or more)
  • Huggies 600 ct. Shea Butter wipes
  • 24-pk Scott toilet paper (which we always use)
  • 12-pk Viva paper towels
So, I am going to see what the prices of Scott and the 600 ct. wipes are at BRU and see if I can work with that to get a completely free deal.  Wish me luck :)

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