Monday, December 20, 2010

Do You Coupon? How about CVS?

I have, but I haven't been, but I plan to start again. :)

 Couponing is a great way to cut your grocery bill, get things for less (duh) and sometimes get freebies! There are lots of great sites that explain these concepts further.

If you are planning on making health/beauty need baskets for someone this Christmas, check out CVS and WalGreen deals. Both of these stores "reward" you for buying certain products every week. If you are also buying the Sunday paper (or getting the coupons out of that for free) you can really get some great freebies on things you would use anyway or things that would make a great "Pamper" basket for the men or women of your list.

Check out my how to page for CVS newbies!  I will be adding more later, like WalGreens.  All in time friends :)  all in time (and who has enough of that anymore?!)

Oh, and a good "to-do" for this week?  Pick up your local Sunday paper and start saving those coupons!  I also have a system for this that I will be adding ... later. 

So work on this, find an old binder or something to stash your coupons in, grab the Sunday paper this week and comment back and let me know how you did ;)

'Til Next Time...


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