Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Teach Your Children About Money NOW!

As a child I pretty much worked for nothing and had everything handed to me.  Granted my parents didn't overinduldge me with expensive video games and gadgets, but still I can't remember ever having a chore that I was responsible for.  My husband on the other hand was overinduldged and it still affects his work ethic to this day.  He got anything and everything he wanted without being held accountable for ANY of it.  He went through FOUR cars as a teenager and if he messed up and totaled one, another was quickly purchased for him.

I DO NOT want my kids raised in this manner.  I don't mind buying them things on occassion but lately it's been expected everytime we hit a store.  I got so tired of it I implemented chores and a "PayDay".  IF they do their chores, they get a dollar per day they do them.  I know it's not a ton, but they have the potential to earn $7 a week.  Since we are so broke right now, that is a lot, especially when you multiply it by two children.  IF I have to do their chores for the night...well, they owe me a dollar per night I have to do their work.  So far, so good and it gives me a little break from all the daily responsibilities around here. 

I am hoping that from this they will realize that in order to have things they want, they do have to put in work behind it.  I hate to think of them not being able to cope in the "real world".  I hate that my husband is so unrealistic about our finances that he still tries to overinduldge them with things they don't need.

If you would like to do this as well, check out this site.  It allows you to make your own FREE chore chart for your child.  Mine really enjoy checking off their task each night and figuring out what their "PayDay" will equal up to at the end of the week!

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