Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Free Things for Your Gratitude?

Seriously!  Write companies of products you frequently use, or want to try.  Complain if it is legitimate.  Praise is welcome too!  Companies love to hear you rave about their product, especially if they can use it as a testimonial.  Most will even send you coupons for free products or discounts on their products.  I have gotten freebies from companies like DIAL (soap), HINES (ketchup), DANNON (yogurt), CAPRI SUN, and many more.  Sure it takes a little time, but to me it's more than worth it. 

Here is a thread from  Check it out, ti's got a lot of useful links from companies who do send out coupons when you contact them.  (I did not write this thread, so I do not assume responsibility for it!)

On another note, check out sites like,, and for thrifty advice.  This is where I have gotten most of my tips and hints along the way.  Such great advice from great women has really helped ease the transition of overspending to barely spending anything!

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