Tuesday, February 2, 2010

About My Family

We have been struggling for months on end. It seems like as soon as we moved into our home, my husband was laid off and we fell behind on every bill we have. I hate living like this. I know our family is not the only family who is in debt and struggling everyday to pay the bills and provide for their family. It's rough. I'm here to share my journey and I'm hoping to bring our family through debt free.

My husband became employed the first of this year. We are both working from my family owned & operated business and even the business is having a terrible time due to this economy so still, we are struggling. There are days there is no work and my husband is off. There are days when I am out due to the terrible winter weather here in Virginia. I'm not optimistic on the upcoming month as far as having money to cover all of our bills.

Currently we are in loss mitigation with our mortgage company. This means we are working with them to avoid foreclosure and get a lower payment on the loan until we can afford something more. This has been ongoing since October and has really put a lot of stress on me. I really feel as though I am carrying the burden alone. My husband reminds me of a teenager who has no sense of financial responsibility and having to nag him about every penny he spends really makes me resentful. I absolutely hate feeling like the nagging wife.

We are expecting our third child together in late March. He has a ten year old daughter from a previous "relationship". So basically, I feel as though I have somehow failed my children. I keep on trucking though. I want to be able to provide for them financially and teach them how to make wise decisions for their own financial future.

This is my diary. A daily dose of my journey. I am determined to make it through this rough patch victorious. I am delighted that you want to join me!

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